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The Ultimate List of Back-to-School Supplies for 2022

Get your kids ready for kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school and even college.

Whoever said "no more pencils, no more books" didn't understand the joys of shopping for a fresh set of school supplies. As back-to-school time nears and kids head back to their classrooms, they'll likely need to fill their backpacks to the brim. But what school supplies will actually make it to finals? We've compiled lists of the school supplies most often needed for each grade, from cute school supplies for kindergarteners and elementary schoolers all the way up through dorm room essentials for college kids. Then, we made our own suggestions of necessities that make the grade. Many of the items were tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute, which tests everything from pens, backpacks and lunch boxes up to laptops, printers and mini fridges. Remembering to actually put their homework in their new backpacks? Well, that's up to them.

Where to Get School Supplies for Free

Pro tip: You can get free school supplies, backpacks and uniforms if you don't have the resources to get your own. Contact your school district, who can help lead you to the right contacts or let you know about upcoming supply drives and events. Also, teachers can apply to charity organizations like The Kids in Need Foundation to help supplement items in the classroom.

How to Donate to a Classroom

If you have the means to give to a classroom in need, teachers will be greatly appreciative of your donation. DonorsChoose makes it easy: Teachers can describe supplies the need or projects they're looking to fund, and families can give right through the website. You can search for your school, see what's happening nearby or give to someone across the country. It's especially rewarding knowing exactly how the funds are going to be used.

Just getting started? Find more back-to-school tips, tricks and ideas here.

Kindergarten Supplies

Pre-K is fun and all, but kindergarten is where their real learning journey begins. Make sure they start off on the right foot with these must-have back-to-school supplies.

    Elementary School Supplies: Grades 1-3

    As their studies get more serious, so do their supplies. These will set them up for success with all the tests, assignments and homework in the year ahead.

      Elementary School Supplies: Grades 4-5

      Fourth and fifth graders have more involved projects and, depending on how their school is set up, they might have to start switching teachers for classes for the first time. These supplies will help keep them organized.

        Middle School & High School Supplies

        By now, the training wheels are off. Middle schoolers and high schoolers need supplies that'll perform all year.

        school shopping lists

          College Supplies

          When your student heads off to college, they don't just need school supplies. Now, they also need dorm essentials and other supplies that will help them if they're boarding away from home.

          Academic Supplies

            Cleaning Supplies

              Dorm Furnishings

                Dorm Supplies


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