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The Best Indoor Plants for Every Room in Your House

A mix of easy-to-care-for, air purifying and low-light picks any houseplant beginner would love.

green plants in terracotta pots against an orange background

Houseplants have a special way of breathing life into a room and adding a calming vibe to any space. But beyond being a go-to choice for decor lovers, indoor plants can also improve your health. They can boost your home's air quality and enhance your overall wellbeing, whether you choose to place them on a windowsill or in a shady corner in your living room. But if you consider yourself a beginner and far from a green thumb, there's good news: the best indoor plants for your home are actually very easy to care for.

This list includes a combination of low-light picks like the snake plant, plants for the office, tall varieties as well as visually appealing options such as Monstera Deliciosa that don't require much effort on your part to thrive. In other words, they can tolerate some neglect. If you've had enough of plants with intimidating care routines, you'll appreciate this assortment of affordable finds, including some of the top indoor trees for homes. There are even feng shui plants for those who want to manifest good health, wealth and luck, along with some that are especially great for bedrooms. Plus, all the plants are easy to order online.

Ready to bring a plant or two into your interior? Scroll down to start sprucing up your space with any of these popular houseplants. We're pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

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Best Easy-to-Care for Indoor Plant
Peace Lily
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Best Medium-Light Indoor Plant
American Plant Exchange
Monstera Deliciosa
Best Air Purifying Indoor Plant
American Plant Exchange
Spider Plant
Best Indoor Plant for Bedrooms
Costa Farms
Snake Plant
Best Indoor Plant for Feng Shui
Hirt's Gardens
Mini Jade Plant
Best Indoor Tree
Costa Farms
Money Tree
Best Indoor Plant for Kitchens
Asparagus Fern
Best Indoor Succulents
The Succulent Cult
String of Hearts
Best Drought-Tolerant Indoor Plant
Best Indoor Plant for Offices
Hirt's Gardens
Calathea Ornata
Best Low-Light Indoor Plant
Rubber Plant
Alexander Walter
Best Air Purifying Indoor Tree
Dragon Tree
Best Low Humidity Indoor Plant
ZZ Plant
Best Indoor Plant for Any Room
Air Plant
Geri Lavrov
Best Slow-Growing Indoor Plant
United Nursery
Best Full-Shade Indoor Plant
English Ivy
Unique Indoor Plant
Best Indoor Plant for Small Spaces
Happily Plants
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