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75 Beautiful Living Room Ideas to Upgrade Your Decor

Gain inspiration for a stylish, functional and cozy space with these designs for any small, simple or modern home.

living room ideas
One Kings Lane/ Silke Zander Getty Images/Picture Press RM

While you're looking for the best paint colors for your living room or lounge-worthy family room decorating ideas, gain inspiration for your space with our roundup of functional and beautiful living room ideas. Whether your space is small, large, modern, simple or extravagant, our roundup can inform your home's next great transformation — especially if you want some Pinterest-inspired looks.

When we think of eye-catching living rooms, the design ideas are endless. Add a comfy sofa for family movie nights, hang chic curtains as the finishing touch (here are some living room curtain ideas for your viewing) or choose a statement rug that's colorful, neutral, patterned or textured. Not to mention the beauty that comes with finding the right lighting! Every detail counts.

Many of these elegant designs are beginner-friendly, budget-friendly and easy to recreate (don't worry we give you pointers on how to move forward with the revamp). And we have looks for every type of style you may desire — from traditional and modern to bohemian and shabby chic.

Use our roundup to create your dream room. And if you're looking for a layout that'll help with your overall wellbeing, check out these feng shui living room tips experts say will help create a balanced space.

living room ideas green and white striped walls
Stephen Karlisch
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Green and White Stripes

Unsure of how to spruce up your living room walls? Give them a cool yet gripping contrast with green and white stripes, similar to this space designed by Tori Rubinson Interiors.

living room ideas red design variations
One Kings Lane
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Shades of Red

If you love the color red, but you can't choose which design will suit the walls, rug or overall look, don't stick to one pattern. Pick out a red-and-white striped rug and use red-flowered wallpaper to complement the look. Add red to the seating and choose paintings that feature red for a cohesive look.

living room ideas luxe aesthetic
Justin Krug
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Luxe Aesthetic

This beautiful living room features hardwood floors, a luxurious fireplace and a large set of windows with views of lush greenery. Implement some of these style elements to give your area an elegant appeal.

living room ideas entertainment section
Paul Versluis
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Entertainment Section

Similar to how designer Tamara Day styled this sitting area, you can add bean bags instead of regular seating to turn the space into the perfect game room or entertainment setting for kids and guests.


living room ideas rattan hanging chair
Stacy Zarin Goldberg
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Rattan Hanging Chair

Adding a rattan hanging chair is a functional, unexpected addition to an interior. Hang one in any corner of the room where you or guests can casually lounge, read or nap.


living room ideas modern and rustic
Hulya Kolabas
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Transform your area with a rustic-modern appeal using wood beam ceilings, a stone fireplace and crisp white furniture.

living room ideas match walls to furniture
Eric Piasecki/Otto
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Match Walls to Furniture

Whether you want to create a moody, bright or minimalist feel in your living room, match the color of the walls to your furniture. This will pull the room together in a seamless and unique way.

living room ideas green couch
Rachel Whiting
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Green Couch

When in doubt, choose the color you love the most and use it everywhere, from your furniture to your window treatments.

living room ideas pretty in pink
Silke Zander Getty Images/Picture Press RM
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Pretty in Pink

Pink is said to symbolize love. Bring a light and loving atmosphere that your guests will enjoy with pink furniture and walls. Use a lighter shade for the walls and a darker hue for the couches, stools and tables.

living room ideas statement fireplace
Mike Garten
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Statement Fireplace

Make the fireplace your focal point by opting for one made of stone or brick. Keep the walls white and choose brown leather furniture to complement the room's semi-rustic feel.

living room ideas 3d wall designs
Rikki Snyder
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3D Wall Design

Designer Maryline Damour of Damour Drake collaborated with fiber artist Sienna Martz to give this living room a calm and forest green atmosphere using a 3D leaf installation. Recreate the sense of greenery or design an installation that would better match your personality or room's aesthetic.

living room ideas victorian
Peter Molick
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Cool Gray

Thanks to designer Maureen Stevens, the airy living room in this 1920s Victorian home is full of style. The space features Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl, which balances the century-old bright white trim and coffered ceiling.

living room ideas end tables
Beatriz da Costa
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Versatile End Tables

Searching for a way to boost your living room's functionality? Not only can end tables be easily moved around the space, but you can also use them as a work surface or spot for kids to tackle homework. When they're not in use, place books or flowers on top as you would with traditional coffee tables.


living room ideas bookshelves
Randy O'Rourke
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Built-in Bookshelves

If you don't have a dedicated library, installing built-in bookshelves right in your living room is the next best thing. Keep a rolling ladder handy to make it easy to access the higher shelves.

living room ideas, multipurpose living room
Michele Lee Willson
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Multipurpose Space

When it came to designing this living room, interior designer Heather Hilliard opted for a multipurpose approach. This space is suitable for tackling work, eating, lounging, you name it.


living room ideas, anna mae groves living room
August Oliver
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Classic Black-and-White

Lifestyle influencer Anna Mae Groves' Cincinnati home leaned into a timeless black-and-white palette for her living room, complete with DIY geometric wall art.

living room ideas graphic wallpaper
Jessica Delaney
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Graphic Walls

Speckled wallpaper, paired with an emerald velvet sofa, enliven this living room setup by New York City-based designer Megan Hopp.


living room ideas firewood storage
Brie Williams
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Cool Cyan

Built-in firewood storage and deep cyan-colored walls — Sherwin-Williams' Endless Sea — adds character to this living room in a 1970s Dutch Colonial-style home.

living room ideas california cool
Jessica Bordner
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California Cool

Create & Cultivate founder Jaclyn Johnson teamed up with interior designer Ginny Macdonald to arrange this stylish black-and-white outdoor living room. The design is an extension of her California home's interiors.

living room ideas monochrome
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Striking Monochrome

If you love the monochrome look, you're sure to find inspiration in this living room that features Benjamin Moore's Knoxville Gray on the walls and fireplace.

living room ideas rustic decor
Lincoln Barbour
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Rustic Flair

A white living room design scheme shines thanks to wooden beams and decorative pieces that play up its rustic flair.

living room ideas shades of mint
Brent Darby
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Shades of Mint

A living room is the perfect spot to experiment with color, and this colorful space is proof. Varied shades of mint green, ranging from the sofa's cushions to the curtains, create visual interest.

living room ideas all white
Layla Palmer
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Collected Look

Achieve a collected look by displaying potted greenery, decorative trays and an assortment of vessels on your mantel.


living room ideas light fixture
Abby Murphy
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Colorful Light Fixture

Refresh an unsightly light fixture with a few simple coats of paint, round bulbs and pom-pom fringe for a whimsical touch. Bold colors overhead pull together the room's eclectic vibe.

molly sims living room with bookshelf
Peter Murdock
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Streamlined Shelves

Upgrade your storage by removing the jackets off of old books (you can load up at yard sales) to expose the stitching or covering your collection with coordinating papers.

living room ideas mirror on mantel
Mike Garten
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Tilted Mirror

For a relaxed mantel look, rest a sturdy style against the wall – no hammering required.


living room ideas living room bar cart and plant
Mary Costa
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Lush Leaves

Fill any underused nook or corner with an oversized plant to make it the focal point of the room. Tuck the pot in a woven basket for an extra punch.


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living room ideas sunny painted brick fireplace
Stacey Brandford
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Painted Brick

Update an old-school brick fireplace (or wood paneling) with a coat of cream-colored paint. Take that, '70s-era decor.

living room ideas blue and gray living room
Ball and Albanese
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Soothing Palette

Let the vibes flow from room-to-room with another clever paint tip. "I often paint a home one color throughout," says Susana Simonpietri, interior designer and co-founder of Chango & Co. "Or, I'll try the softest hue in the room that gets the most natural light, then work through the rest of the home with deepening shades of blue and gray."

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