How do you assemble a summer roll?

Wrapping a good summer roll takes practice, but our streamlined technique makes it easier. Here’s how it’s done: Start by dipping your rice paper in a little warm water, just until it’s pliable. Place it onto a work surface and arrange some of the filling in the center. Fold the two shorter sides of the rice paper over the filling first, then fold in the bottom, longer side and roll to seal. See? You’re a pro!

What do you serve with a summer roll?

A summer roll should always be served with a dipping sauce — it’s (probably) the law. Ours combines tangy lime juice with slightly sweet mirin and chili garlic sauce for a delicious, zesty dunker that perks up the crunchy vegetable appetizer. Bonus: use up leftover sauce in stir-fried veggies and rice, tossed into noodles, or as a flavor booster in a soup or broth.

A plate of colorful, expertly-wrapped rolls and a bowl of dipping sauce is a great way to get a party — or a simple weeknight dinner — started. Ready to rock n’ (summer) roll?

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