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Top 30 Christmas Cookie Cutters That Put the ‘Sweet’ in ‘Sweet Tooth’

'Tis the season for spreading holiday cheer via tasty, beautiful treats.

gingerbread and star cookie cutters on parchment paper with rolling pin and gingerbread cookie dough
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Christmas cookies are as big a part of the holiday season as candy canes and Santa Claus. The sweet scent of baking cookies may bring back memories of cooking with family members as a child or the joyful sugar-charged frenzy of more grown-up cookie swaps. Whether you’re a traditionalist or you’re looking to make cookies with more of a modern sense of whimsy this year, the options for making this holiday season your sweetest and prettiest yet have never been better.

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Budget Set for Kids
Wilton 18-Piece Holiday Cookie Cutters

If you’re rolling out dough with kids this holiday season, this set of 18 wallet-friendly cutters should go on your list. The sturdy metal shapes and the simple, straightforward designs (ornaments, stockings, snowmen, candy canes, and stars) will immediately speak to everyone, young and old. 

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A Versatile Set
Christmas Cookie Cutter (Set of 25)

Five different Christmas-friendly shapes, each in five different sizes, give you endless options for not only crafting a stunning tray of decorative cookies, but using up every last bit of dough, too!

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Light & Bright Bulb Set
Christmas Light Bulb Cookie Cutter Set

Sometimes all you really need in order to make a cookie festive is a bright pop of color. These cutters that look like Christmas light bulbs are begging to be decorated with fun, boldly colored icing. Three different sizes also make it easy to get creative!

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For Coffee Addicts
Coffee Cup Cookie Cutters

This set of four is themed after your favorite warm drinks to get you into the winter weather spirit. Whether you prefer a cappuccino, a hot cocoa, or a mulled wine, your most comforting drink takes cookie form with this set. 

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For Sandwich Cookies
Christmas Sandwich Cookie Cutters

Love a little filling in your cookie? There's no better way to get all your favorite flavors into one treat than with a sandwich cookie. This set allows you to cut out adorable Christmas-themed tops that let the jam in that Jammy Dodger peek through. 

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Fully Decked Family Set
JOYIN Stainless Steel Cookie Set

A dozen stainless steel cutter shapes that include soft, comfortable grips on top that protect fingers from pain and cuts, this is a fantastic starter set for families who are new to getting the Christmas cookie tradition going. It even comes with a rolling pin and helpful silicone mat.

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Iconic Leg Lamp Cutter
Christmas Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter

Whether you're the type of fan who participates in the annual 24-hour binge watch of A Christmas Story or if once per year is plenty, any and every fan loves the leg lamp. It's even more fun as a delicious holiday treat!

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Sweater Cutter
Ugly Sweater Cookie Cutter

If you feel like the holidays aren’t the holidays without an ugly-sweater party, then this is the cookie cutter for you! It comes in the outline of a bulky sweater, and you will be able to depict your most outrageous designs on them to your heart's content.

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More Than Sweaters
Winter Accessories Cookie Cutter Set

Want to decorate more than just a sweater for the holidays? This fun set of four adds a Christmas stocking, a pom-pom hat, and a mitten to the mix. 

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Cutters for Dog Treats
Dog Bone Cookie Cutter Set

What holiday baking spree is complete without a few goodies for the pupper? These stainless steel bone-shaped cutters are ideal for dog-safe biscuit and cookie recipes. 

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Gingerbread Family Set
Four-Piece Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters Set

These gingerbread characters set the stage for serious creativity. Simply use the cutters to shape their outlines, then fill in their faces and outfits as desired with sprinkles, piped-in or spreadable icing, and candies to make each one distinctive! 

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Sophisticated Set
‘Twas the Night Cookie Set

If you’re a traditionalist and you take cookie decorating seriously, this beautiful set will make you merry indeed. The set of twelve cookie cutters features more intricate outlines including Santa Claus, a house, wrapped present, sleigh, and swan. The package also comes with a sugar cookie recipe, ten pastry bags, four pastry tips, and a coupler. 

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Large Christmas Tree Cutter
LILIAO Large Christmas Tree with Star Cookie Cutter

If you think big when it comes to cookies, this sturdy 5.6" by 4.4" steel Christmas tree cookie cutter will appeal. A few of these cookies might eat up an entire batch of dough, but they would make a great backdrop for a cookie-themed holiday setting or gingerbread scene! 

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Intricate Cookie Stamps
Nordic Ware Holiday Cookie Stamps

Meticulous icing decorating not your thing? These handy cookie stamps offer beautifully detailed designs so that every last cookie comes out perfectly festive without the mess and stress of sticky icing. 

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Elegant Snowflakes
Nordic Ware Starry Night Cast Cookie Stamps

These classic, elegant cookie stamps flatten and decorate dough balls or rolled-out dough and produce stunning snowflakes set on round backgrounds. The stamps are made in the U.S.A. by a family-owned company.

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Chanukah Cookie Cutters
Chanukah Cookie Cutters

These three stainless steel Chanukah shapes — the menorah, dreidel, and star — can be used to create a festive cookie-scape. Once cut and baked, a classic blue-and-white icing goes a long way. 

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Rolling Cookie Cutter
Holiday Rolling Cookie Cutter

This beautiful, stainless-steel rotary wheel cuts out mini cookies in six shapes: snowflake, stocking, snowman, gingerbread man, star, and tree, with sharp-angled cuts that slice right through sugar cookies, shortbread, gingerbread, and even pie crust. 

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Holly Dolly Christmas
Dolly Parton Cookie Cutter Set

This Dolly Parton Cookie Baking Kit is the holiday set you never knew you needed. The whimsical but classic designs — angel, guitar, butterfly, Christmas tree, and more — will appeal to both purists and those seeking an extra pop of fun this year. This would make for a memorable gift to the Dolly superfan in your life.

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Cutters for 3D Cookies
XYBags 3D Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

This set of eight holiday cookie cutters creates a tree, a snowman, a sleigh, and a reindeer that, when baked, can easily notch together to become free-standing 3D treats! 

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Gingerbread House & Characters
3D Christmas House Cookie Cutter Set

Take all of the guess work out of assembling a gingerbread house with this set of eighteen cutters that help you put together an entire cookie house as well as some sweet little characters to arrange around it! 

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Hot & Trendy
Tomoin 12-Piece Squid Game Cookie Cutters

Whether or not you’ve ever watched Netflix’s Squid Game, the references to it are ubiquitous this year. For culture vultures, this is a fun and timely set that includes four molds, four metal tin boxes, and four pins, so fanatics can get together and bake up a Squid Game-themed storm together.  

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Ornament Set
Ann Clark 3-Piece Christmas Ornament Cookie Cutter Set

These beautifully shaped ornament cookie cutters provide an elegant background for building Instagram-ready iced and bedazzled cookies. A helpful recipe book is included, too! 

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Snowflakes of All Sizes
Ateco Snowflake Cutter Set

Sturdy and snowflakes aren’t words usually associated with each other, but these Ateco cookie cutters serve up both. The set of five will produce delicate and intricately designed cookies, and the set itself is hardy enough to withstand years of use. 

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Great for Young Kids
Wilton 101-Piece Cookie Cutter Set

Little ones will love working with these colorful cutters! They feature a plethora of shapes for the holidays and beyond plus a complete alphabet, which will also turn cookie time into an opportunity to learn. 

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Tree-in-Truck Cutter
Liliao Pickup Truck with Christmas Tree

Master decorators will love filling in the details of this adorable holiday shape! This quirky cookie cutter features the outline of a Christmas tree in the back of a classic country pickup truck. 

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Best Splurge
Sir Madam Copper Cookie Cutters

OK, these cookie cutters are not cheap, but they’re works of art in their own right! Crafted from solid copper, they slice right through sweet cookies or savory biscuits and sandwiches. The rounded handles make them easy to pick up and move around dough, and you’ll never risk slicing a finger.

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Dinosaur Fossil Stamps
Temucy Jurassic Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Dinosaurs are in season year-round, right? This set of six cookie cutters and stampers are less than six inches long, are made from 100% food-grade PVC plastic, and slices right through dough or craft clay. The shape-cutters provide the perfect outline while the skeleton stamper adds intricate bone details.  

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Running Gingerbread Man
Liliao Christmas Running Gingerbread Man

Run, run, as fast as you can, to catch this running gingerbread man! This cutter is perfect for a whimsical twist on your classic holiday cookie. Kids will love using the completed cookies to tell stories, and creative decorators will have a great time filling in the details of this fun figure.

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Dreidel-Shaped Cutter
Ann Clark Dreidel Cookie Cutter

This four-inch dreidel cookie is the perfect way to honor the Jewish holiday in a fun and delicious way. Even better, you can decide for yourself when you decorate which side you want to land on!

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Simple Rounds
Ateco Plain Edge Round Cutters

If you want to focus your creativity only on decorations, this set of eleven round, plain-edged cutters will allow you to use your imagination. The cutters also nest within each other inside a larger round tin to be tucked away when not in use.

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